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Bobby/Logan and maybe a tad of Marie/Logan

Summmary: Okay I've been talking about a Bobby/Logan and here it is. This is rather spur of the moment so no Beta as of yet. Be warned,Bobby has changed and probably not for the better. Logan and Marie find this out.

Disclaimer: All charachters belong to Marvel and Fox. No profit is made at all.

Road to Regret-1

Logan saw her sitting against the wall in a hallway. Her legs folded against her chests,and her hands moving to wipe what Logan would guess was tears from her eyes.

He knew the best choice was to let the girl have at her emotions alone. Logan could stand alot of things,but a teenage girl crying always put him off balance. Still,Logan walked towards her and when she looked up at him he stopped moving.

"Is there anything the matter Marie?" Logan asked her and immediatly cursed himself for asking such a stupid question.

"I'm fine,it's just been a long day ya know" she said reaching her gloved hand up for Logan to take and help her up. Logan knew she was lying,that hadn't even taken any of his extra-senses to figure out. He also knew that whatever it was Bobby Drake was a big part of it. Logan had found her sitting right outside of his room.

He let the girl smile at him and make her way down the hall. Logan was bored and teaching Drake something about common decency towards a lady seemed like a good idea to him.

Logan hadn't bothered knocking and finding the door unlocked he took afew steps in. He was met with the image of Bobby Drake laying down on his bed throwing shots of ice outside to the nearest tree.

"Drake" Logan said,using one of his most intimidating tones. Logan knew the boy was weak and would probably be on his way to apologize to the girl in no time. What he did get however caused him a raised eyebrow.

"I'm busy,get out" and just like that Bobby was done talking,he hadn't even looked Logan's way. "Excuse me,what did you say?" Logan asked still processing the way Drake talked to him.

If it was another one,maybe that fire boy who had left with Magneto Logan would understand. That boy was always looking to piss people off,Drake was supposed to be his polar opposite.

When Bobby didn't say anything else Logan took another step "I'll try this again" Logan said and before he could call Drake's name again he saw Bobby stand up and look at him.

"For someone who's senses are supposed to be far better then any kind of human or mutant,you don't hear very well" he told Logan and that's when Logan felt the familiar itch under his knuckles. It would be so fucking easy,but he knew the kid was just lashing out.

"I'm sorry your little friend left you and your parents don't want to talk to you" Logan said "but if you ever talk to me like that again,I will make you regret it" he said putting his face an inch away from Bobby's.

That's when Logan caught the smell of adrenaline and something else,something forbidden.

"You promise?" Bobby asked giving a smile that was done by someone who wasn't 17. Logan stepped away and looked at Drake like he didn't know who he was,maybe at this moment he didn't.

"I bet your always on,aren't you" Bobby said taking a step towards Logan. "Probably thought about it with Marie,Ms. Grey,probably Scott too" Bobby accused. "I mean all that animosity has to stem from something".

Logan mind was screaming to tear the kid apart,nobody talked to Logan that way. His body remained stagnant however "You ever think of me that way?" he said reaching a hand under Logan's shirt and the feel of all that coolness made Logan gasp. "I thought so" Bobby said smiling that same not-meant- for-a-seventeen year old smile.

Logan ripped himself away and charged his way out of Bobby's room. He knew that son of a bitch was probably real proud of himself right now. All Logan could feel was white-hot rage and a lust,a lust he couldn't control for too long. He made his way down the hall and didn't look back.

P.S. sorry if it's a bit juvenile but I figured I'd get it out while the idea was fresh.

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