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Taste Just like 22

Now that the birthday has come and gone,22 makes me miss 21. But I got lots of pretty things and even got to enjoy alittle bit of it. So that was good and because I'm a book and t.v. maniac I had to do the ten fictional men you would spend quality time with. I'm a geek...I'm well aware.

10.Angel-Angel the Series
9.Bobby Drake-X2
8. Det. James "J.C." Williams-New York Undercover
7. Lucas Luthor-Smallville
6.Jim-American Pie "Geeks can be hot too"
5.Sodapop- The Outsiders
4.Mike Larry-Bad BoysI&II
3.Derek-Save The Last Dance
2.Cross-The Last Don
1.Nick Stokes-CSI
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