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Everything To Get To Here

This is my addition to The Teen Summer Dance Party Challenge. Giving by callmesandy. Any mistakes are mine,but I hope you like.

Title:Everything to Get To Here

Fandom:Smallville/The O.C.



Seth loves the moments like these.

All quiet and comfortable. No pesky little interns knocking at his door every 10 minutes to deliver what they believed to be the next great crisis of the world.

Nothing but the feel of a leather chair and the best view he had ever seen.

It stills give him the chills when he stops and actually lets it all sink in. The goofy kid from Newport that turned out to be everything he was expected not to be.

"These blank stares are becoming a habit" and Seth doesn't need to turn around to know who it is.

Everything about him has become second nature to Seth. From the way he walks to how he looks when he's nervous.

"Don't worry Pete,I'm not pulling a Luthor" he tells him as he stands up and faces him.

When Pete laughs Seth remembers everything about the first time they met. The heat of Tahiti and the easy way the two just melded into eachother.

Two boys from different lives who came to a foreign island to escape what life had placed upon them. Who's relationship had lasted longer than either boy had imagined it would.

From Tahiti to Gotham College to where they were now. Seth could honestly say their was nobody he trusted more.

"So,ready to call it a night?" Pete asks as he fidgets with his tie and dabs the few drops of sweat off his forehead. They've both been dealing with long days and alot of pressure.

It shows in the way Pete's hands never stop moving. The way he always needs something to keep his mind on,besides the constant change of their lives.

That's the way Pete's age shows up. Not in lines under his eyes or calloused hands. He still looks like the guy who had spent countless nights burning the midnight oil in college.

His small stature and smooth skin wouldn't change for years to come,and Seth was kinda happy about that.

Looking at Pete was like looking at a real life memory.

Walking over, Seth had taken the tie from Pete's hand and began to set it straight.

Relaxing for a moment,Pete rests his forehead against Seth's chin.

"How can you expect me to do this properly if I can't see?" Seth asks smiling.

"It's not like you haven't done it a million times before" he says,not opening his eyes.

It's true. Seth could easily do this in his sleep and it's only another small reason why he loves this life so much.

When he finishes Seth drags Pete over and sits him down on his chair. Squeezing in with just enough room behind him, Seth wraps his arms around Pete's waist.

"Better?" and a simple nod of the head gives Seth his answer. For all the power Pete holds,Seth is glad he never backs away from this.

From them.

"So,I hear Clark and Lois are going to be covering the event" Pete says.

"Daily Planet can only send the best you know" Seth tells him and he knows this is a conversation Pete is only half into.

Clark has always been a subject Pete has been hot and cold on. A friendship that had been strained and pulled until only the bareness of it remained.

Ryan pops into his mind and Seth makes a mental note to call him later. It's been alittle too long since they've talked and Seth feels guilty for that.

"You ever thought you would be here?" Pete wonders and it jars Seth out of his train of thought.

"You mean here,like now,because I did have my fantasies" Seth says and playfully bites Pete's neck.

Pete jerks his head as he laughs "No,I mean in this office,doing what we do".

"The kid who's sole mission in life was to have sex as often as possible?" Seth ask. "It wasn't exactly on the to-do list ya know".

"It's just weird,After what happened with Lex,I was sure I'd crack" Pete muses. "I mean Lex was never the most stable person in the world,but still".

"Are you telling me Pete the boss Ross thought he couldn't handle it?" and Pete looks back at him wide-eyed. "Remember,we promised never to utter that name again" Pete says. "I'll be having nightmares tonight".

"My apologies" Seth says and squeezes Pete in alittle tighter. "But,in all honestly, things are alot better then they ever were before"

"Thank god you decided to take me up on that offer" Pete tells him as he leans back and kisses Seth.

Lips and touch and tounge and everything Seth loved about kissing Pete Ross.

"With rewards like that,how could I say no".

This wasn't going to last all night,it never does. He and Pete would stay like this for as long as they could pretend they were the only ones in eachother's lives.

They had been this way since Tahiti. Never fearing or feeling awkward to touch eachother. A brush of the hand in a movie theater,or a casual arm around the shoulder.

Seth had thought friendships were like this. You wanted to be near eachother,always know the person was right there.

Ryan had told him as calmly as possible that he had it bad. That it wasn't a shameful thing. Seth thought he might have known alot longer then he let himself believe.

He hadn't realized Pete had moved until he was pulling Seth out of the chair.

"It's time to go" Pete proclaims and although the stress had diminshed,he knew Pete's mind was still buzzing.

The man never stopped thinking.

"You'll do outstanding tomorrow" Seth says grabbing his hand and interlacing their fingers.

"I just hate these talks on national television" and it was something Pete would never get used too. No matter how many times he did it.

"Trust me" Seth tells him and kisses him one last time,right before the nasal voice of Seth's secretary invades the room.

"Mr. Vice-President,your car is here" and telling her that he was on his way out,Seth checks Pete's tie one more time.

"Ready to head home Mr. President?" he asks Pete as the two head for the door.

"More than anything".

And for now,these moments can be Seth's versions of perfection.

the end....

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